How College Football Programs are Currently Defending Navy and Georgia Tech’s Triple Option Offense

Triple Option Football Academy

Over the last five years, there has been a consistent pattern of how college football programs are defending Navy and Georgia Tech’s Triple Option Offense.

This is how…


  • Defenses are aligning in a 4-3 (in Triple Option circles, this is often referred to as a 6-1).
  • Defenses are declaring strength to the field.  They are aligning the 3-technique to the field, because the Triple Option defaults to Lead. (Sometimes Navy and Georgia Tech “play it” and run Triple to the 3-technique.)
  • The Defensive Ends align in Tight-5 techniques and are assigned to play either the dive or the Quarterback depending on the call.
  • The Nose aligns in a tight-1 technique and his responsibility is to aggressive squeeze the Center.
  • The Mike linebacker aligns head up on the Center with his toes at a depth of six-yards.  He aligns this deep so that the Playside Tackle misses him when the Playside Tackle…

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