According to Coach Paul Johnson, “After a while, you’re going to get tired of four-yard gains.”

Triple Option Football Academy

According to Georgia Tech Head Football Coach, Paul Johnson if #1 and #2 are sitting in a stacked position on Triple Option and are sedentary post-snap, it’s time to run Double Option.

This is because the Triple Option becomes a give read where #2 can fold inside and hold the give to a four-yard gain.

According to Coach Johnson, “After a while, you’re going to get tired of four-yard gains.”

Double Option forces #2 to play the Quarterback or the pitch instead of folding inside on the dive.

One of the many double options that can be run is Zone Option, which is Navy’s #1 answer when this happens.  Allegedly, Georgia Tech is adding the Zone Option to their Triple Option Offense in 2016.

Zone Option versus Triple Stack Defense. The Playside A-Back blocks #2 when #3 is on the Line of Scrimmage. Also, the B-Back has Mike to Free Safety, and often versus a Triple Stack, he will end up on the Free Safety as the Free Safety has a better angle than the Mike to make the tackle on Zone Option.

If this occurs to the 3-technique side of a 4-3, Midline Lead becomes a great alternative.

Midline Lead v 4-3 with #1 on QB PR- Deep Defender PA- #2 in Triple Count PT- Fan #1 PG- Veer-Ace (vs. 1) C/BG- Ace BT- Scoop BA- Lead BR- Cutoff Q- Mid 3-tech B- Mid Path

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