2016 Georgia Tech Triple Option Offense Breakdown versus Kentucky (Taxslayer Bowl)

Georgia Tech- 33 v. Kentucky- 18

Georgia Tech Triple Option Offense Total Plays- 67

Triple Option- 15/67 (22% of offense)

Zone Dive- 15/67 (22% of offense)

Dropback Pass- 5/67 (7% of offense)

Rocket- 4/67 (6% of offense)

Down- 4/67 (6% of offense)

Triple Pass- 4/67 (6% of offense)

Sprint Pass- 4/67 (6% of offense)

Other Concepts Utilized:

Rocket Pass- 1

Speed Option- 1

Rocket Boot- 1

Outside Veer Give- 4

Counter Option- 2

Eagle (Quarterback Draw)- 1

Trap Option- 1

Trap- 2

B-Back Toss- 1

Counter Speed Pass- 1

Counter Speed- 1

Notes: 3/4 (75%) of Georgia Tech’s Offense versus Kentucky was Triple Option, Zone Dive, Dropback Pass, Rocket, Down, Triple Pass, and Sprint Pass.

Triple Option and Zone Dive were 44% of Georgia Tech’s Offense versus Kentucky.

This fact was noted in the broadcast.  During the game, Paul Johnson’s visual focus is the following:

  1. FIRST on the defensive secondary.
  2. NEXT on the linebackers.
  3. FINALLY on the defensive first level.

When Coach Johnson is on the sideline, his primary focus is what the third level of the defense is attempting to do.