The Best Way to Keep the Defensive Line from Making the Tackle — Double Flex, B-Toss Crush

Cancelling Defensive Linemen is a staple of the Triple Option Offense.

The B-Back Toss with the “Crush” tag guarantees this.

This is because the ball is tossed one yard outside the tackle where the Defensive Line cannot make the tackle.  Now, all the pressure is put on the Linebackers and Defensive Backs to make the tackle.

Three players must be blocked to make the play explosive–the three closest defenders to the playside sideline.

In the below-listed diagram, the Corner, overhang, and 40-technique linebacker must be cancelled by the Playside A-Back, the Playside Tackle, and the Playside Guard.

Here is Double Flex, B-Toss Crush in action:


Georgia Tech, Navy, and Army utilize this when the defense is forcing give reads on the Triple Option.

Utilize this in 2017 to get the ball on the perimeter and to keep the Defensive Line from making the tackle.

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