Navy Run Game Coordinator Ashley Ingram at the 2017 AFCA Convention: Part Two

Ashley Ingram on the Midline

There are now 10 different variations of Midline.

Midline (with variations) was the most utilized concept of 2016–even more than the Triple Option.

Midline (with variations) averaged 7.7 yards per play for Navy in 2016.

Navy will go into a game and take what the defense gives them.  Often, Navy get a lot of the Bear Defense.  Once this happens, Navy looks to run Midline until they loosen the 5-technique, and then Navy runs the Inside Veer.

On Midline, read from a 2-technique out.

If the 2-technique slants inside, the Playside Guard bases him and the Midline turns into an automatic pull.  

If the defense aligns in a 2i, the Playside Guard bases him and the Midline turns into an automatic pull as well.

Zone the backside to cancel penetration.

If the defense aligns with a 0-technique, the B-Back stays on Midline and keys the 0-technique to see where he goes.

Someone must insert in the Playside B-gap to lead the way for the Quarterback on a pull read.

If the defense slants, you want to run Midline–they slant themselves out of the play.

Midline Triple versus Blood Stunt PR- Deep Defender PA- Twirl 3 PT/PG- Veer C/BG- Ace BT- Scoop BA- Pitch BR- Cutoff Q- Mid 1, Pitch 2 B- Mid Path