Basic Playaction Passing in the Triple Option Offense

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

In order to constrain the safety who is flying up on Triple/Midline, Triple Pass is utilized:

Triple Pass vs. SplitTriple Pass vs. Split

When the Mike tackles the B on Triple/Midline, Triple Pass Drag is utilized:

Triple Pass Drag versus 4-4.Triple Pass Drag versus 4-4.

If #3 is in the box and flies up or folds inside on Triple/Midline, Triple Pass Out is utilized:

Triple Pass Out versus Odd Stack.Triple Pass Out versus Odd Stack.

If the Safety/Corner fly up on Rocket, throw over their head with Rocket Pass:

Rocket Pass versus One-High Safety Defense. PR- Vert-Skinny PA- Vert-Wheel OL- Slide to BA- Rocket-Kick BR- 17-yard Drag Q- Fake Rocket, Five-step Drop, throw over Safety's head. B- Veer Away PathRocket Pass versus One-High Safety Defense.

If the overhang flies up on Rocket, throw into the flat with Rocket Pass Out:

Rocket Pass Out versus 4-4. PR- Vert PA- 6-Yard Out OL- Slide To BA- Rocket Kick BR- 17-yard Drag Q- Rocket Pass Steps B- Veer Away PathRocket Pass Out versus 4-4.

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