Flexbone Triple Option Core Value #1

There are three core values that the Triple Option Head Football Coach must get across to his players and assistant coaches:

The first core value of the Flexbone Triple Option Offense is the following: Throw verticals for touchdowns.

The days of running the Flexbone Triple Option for three yards and a cloud of dust are long gone.

Georgia Tech Head Football Coach, Paul Johnson doesn’t make $3 million/year because his Flexbone Triple Option Offense gets three yards and a cloud of dust….

Paul makes $3 million/year because the Flexbone Triple Option Offense creates big plays.

In 2016, Georgia Tech averaged 20 yards per completion (#2 in FBS).

Georgia Tech’s skill position players get open and catch verticals.

Also, in 2016, Air Force averaged 26 yards/completion (#1 in FBS), Navy offered 19 yards/completion (#3 in FBS), and Army averaged 18 yards/completion (#4 FBS).

The Flexbone Triple Option Offense is designed to get defenses to sacrifice pass coverage for run support.

Triple Pass vs. SplitTriple Pass Switch versus the 3-2 Exchange PR- Skinny PA- Wheel OL- Slide Away BA- Pitch-Kick BR- 17 yard Drag Q- Triple Pass Steps, throw Skinny B- Veer Path-Kick


You do the math.

This is how Flexbone Triple Option teams go from good to great….

And this is the first core value that you state to your players regarding the Flexbone Triple Option Offense.