Flexbone Triple Option Core Value #2

There are four phases to the Triple Option….



1- The Dive

2- The Keep

3- The Pitch

4- The Pass


If these four phases are executed with accurate, urgent obedience, the best defensive schemes in the world are worthless.

Easy to say–hard to do.

The first core value is to throw for touchdowns.

The second core value of the Flexbone Triple Option Offense is the following: Get the ball pitched on the edge.

When hired as a Head High School Football Coach who seeks to run the Flexbone Triple Option, the first meeting with the new players should involve the following statement: In the running game, we want, above all else, to take advantage of every opportunity to pitch the ball on the edge.

All players must understand that getting the ball pitched to the Backside A-back is where the greatest agent of change in the running game occurs.

The quarterback and backside A-back have a tremendous responsibility to their teammates, coaches, and stakeholders.

That responsibility is–to get the ball pitched outside the force.

Explosive plays occur on a football field when the ball is pitched outside the force.

Arizona Cardinals Offensive Line Coach, Larry Zierlein, and his NFL Run Study supports this.

Come game day, when #1 takes the dive and #2 takes the quarterback, the quarterback must pitch the ball.

The backside A-back must catch it, run hash-numbers-sideline-end zone.

Then suddenly, YOU, the new head coach, are your community’s Vince Lombardi…