Four General Issues Flexbone Triple Option Teams Have and How to Correct Them

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

1. Receiver is unable to identify if the coverage is Cover 2.

He needs to know this because v. Cover 2, the A-back blocks the corner and the WR blocks the safety coming over the top.  If coaches don’t teach this, then the issue is that the corner fires inside and you are 3-on-3 when running the triple option.  The WR identifies Cover 2 very simply—If there are two high safeties and there is a defensive back aligned on the WR’s face—it’s Cover 2.  Release outside and block the safety coming over the top.  If the safety doesn’t come over the top, come back next play and run triple option pass throwing to the receiver on the vertical.

2. Quarterback is unable to read #1 accurately because the offensive line splits are too tight.

Want to know why the Quarterback has misreads?  This is a huge reason why.  The Quarterback…

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