10 More Ways to Practice Fundamentals with the Triple Option Offense

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

  1. There are 22 variables in a football game.
  2. You can only teach a boy how to block until he has learned stance.  Unless he learned stance, he can’t step out of the stance into the block.  
  3. Tactical wins are rare. Winning is when you outblock, out-tackle, and out-fundamental the opponent.
  4. Decide on systematic concepts and stick to them.
  5. Subtract the number of different plays used in the game from the total number of plays you practiced.  If this number is too large, you better get rid of some plays.
  6. Knowing when to run off-tackle is tough enough, but if you have four ways to do so, you’ll never get the right play.
  7. Ball Security- Choose the ball carriers and implicitly train the players’ ball security.  
  8. Run Blocking- Get off the ball to cancel penetration and then sustain the block.  
  9. Running- Inside=downhill; Outside=away from pursuit; Quarterback=force two-gap; All=positive…

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