Flexbone Triple Option Offense Playbook: The Power of the OVER Formation

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy


The Over formation is used by Paul Johnson when the defense aligns with one high safety.

He does this to force the defense to declare themselves.

Georgia Tech will keep running to the over side UNLESS….

The defense brings someone from the BACKSIDE to the Over side.

If this happens–then Georgia Tech runs to the nub side.

This is due to the fact that #2 in the pitch count has to be the primary force player.

So when the ball gets pitched outside of him…. the safety must beat a block to prevent six points.



The Big Idea in 171 Words

Here’s the problem.  If you can’t block defensive linemen, you’ll never move the ball, you’ll never score points, and you’ll never win a game.

 You need to understand why this disconnect occurs to overcome it and win.


“I know many coaches would rather install an…

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