Triple Option Football Playbook: Running the Reverse off Triple

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

When the Backside Inside Linebacker makes the tackle on Triple/Midline Option, the Counter Option constrains him.


However, if any other backside defender is able to trail the ball on Triple/Midline Option, the Reverse is a way to constrain this defender.

The first thing of which to notice is  the following: If the backside defender can trail the Triple/Midline, the offense’s splits are likely too tight.

So before the Reverse is called, the offense must widen their splits.

This is usually the tell-all solution when backside defenders are making the tackle on Triple/Midline Option.

If they are STILL trailing the ball and making the tackle on Triple/Midline Option–then it’s time to run the Reverse…

Triple RT Reverse v 43

Reverse Rules

PR- Cutoff for seven steps, block Near Deep Defender

PA- Pitch

PT- Scoop for three steps, dropstep, run, and block 1st threat inside of the Near Deep Defender

PG- Scoop for three steps, dropstep, run…

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