Triple Option Football Playbook: Running Zoom (Midline Triple) from the Over Formation

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

Ok, so here’s the situation.

The defense is aligning with one-high safety.

You’ve been taught that you need to bring an extra player over to force the defense to declare themselves.

You call Triple Option to the Over side.

They don’t bring anyone over… so you have the numbers advantage.

They align a 3-technique to the call side.

This defaults the Triple Option to ZOOM (Midline Triple Option)


Zoom Rules

Playside Receivers- Near Deep Defender

Playside A-back- Twirl to #3

Playside Tackle and Guard- Veer In

Center and Backside Guard- Ace

Backside Tackle- Scoop

Backside A-back- Pitch

Backside Receiver- Cutoff

Quarterback- Mid #1, Pitch #2

B-back- Mid Path, Bend off action key

This is the most effective way to run triple option in the Over formation and versus a 3-technique.



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