Triple Option Football Playbook: Throwing the Hitch out of Over vs. Uncovered #2

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

In OVER, If the defense chooses not to cover the middle receiver…

Run the hitch.

Here the Quarterback steps with his playside foot toward the receiver, steps with his backside foot toward the receiver, and follows through with his playside foot.

The Middle Receiver jogs toward the Quarterback, catches the ball, and breaks to the outside.

The Outside Receiver blocks the corner and the Playside A-Back leads the way for the Middle Receiver.

over rt hitch rt


The Big Idea in 171 Words

Here’s the problem.  If you can’t block defensive linemen, you’ll never move the ball, you’ll never score points, and you’ll never win a game.

You need to understand why this disconnect occurs to overcome it and win.


“I know many coaches would rather install an offense the traditional way by researching it, visiting colleges that run the offense, and then picking coaches for information.

I have used that same…

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