The Three Ways Navy Makes The Triple Work in Three Practices Per Week

Danny O’Rourke, A-Backs Coach at Navy recently stated the following three ways Navy makes the Triple Option Offense work in a three-practice week.

1- Oversimplify the process as this is what makes players play fast.

2- Demand the following without any excuses:

  • Toughness
  • Great effort (grade this!)
  • Perfect ball security
  • Execute accurate technique 

3- Have a plan without having an identity crisis.

  • Have answers when you don’t get yards on the Triple
  • Go over assignments on the sideline in between series if you see a unique defense
  • Expect problems and expect that you’re going to have to fix problems right away
  • Be cautious on the formations in which you’re aligning–they might lead to bigger problems that you can’t fix