3 Things Navy Does “After the Play”

According to Navy A-Backs Coach, Danny O’Rourke, once Navy executes the Triple Option, the coaches and players look to answer the following three questions:


1- What did the Mike do?

  • We want him downhill.
  • If he is scraping to the perimeter, then we must hand the ball off where the Mike is not.


2- What did #1 (read key) do?

  • We want the Playside Tackle to effortlessly veer release.
  • If #1 collisions the Playside Tackle, then we must make #1 play loose.
  • If the Mike is a runner and #1 collisions the Playside Tackle, then the Playside Tackle must outside release (“Slip” call).


3- What is the Playside Safety doing?

  • If he flies up then throw the ball over his head.