Navy’s Modern-Day Perspective of Midline

Navy’s A-Back’s Coach, Danny O’Rourke recently discussed Midline at a February 2017 clinic.  Here’s what he had to say:

  • In 2016, Midline is often what they ran versus an Odd Front.
  • The goal of Midline is to keep the Linebackers inside the tackle box through the duration of the play.
  • Backside A-Back leaves at snap (unless directed with a specific tag).
  • The Playside Guard veers–if 2i, the Guard veers into the 2i, and the Quarterback pulls the ball.
  • Midline Lead/White (double options) are utilized versus slanting defenses.
  • Midline Lead works well versus a 4-3 because the Backside A-Back has a great opportunity to out-leverage the Mike.

Midline Lead v 4-3 with #1 on QB PR- Deep Defender PA- #2 in Triple Count PT- Fan #1 PG- Veer-Ace (vs. 1) C/BG- Ace BT- Scoop BA- Lead BR- Cutoff Q- Mid 3-tech B- Mid Path


  • Midline Triple (Zoom)- In 2016, Navy had the Center base the 0-technique, both Guards block the first Linebacker to their side, and the Playside Tackle veers outside.
  • Midline Triple (Husky)- Midline is blocked the same as Triple Option.