How to Utilize Triple Option Formations without Overwhelming Players and Coaches

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

Navy averages three formations/game.  If the college game is 20% longer than the high school game, why would you need more than three formations to run your Triple Option Offense?

Here’s some tips on utilizing formations in the Triple Option Offense. 

1- Stay in the Spread Formation as long as possible.

2- Utilize Over versus One-High Safety Defenses to eventually come out in Over Brown and do the following:

3- Utilize Trips in obvious passing downs to throw the football.

4- Utilize Heavy in Short Yardage/Goal-line Situations to create the extra gap for the Follow.

5- If they blitz in a two-high safety defense, get into Double Flex to Cloud the Corner and run Rocket.

Triple Option Football Academy     

2014 Triple Option Football Academy Camps with Dr. Cella

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