Getting Flexbone Triple Option Assistant Coaches to Eliminate Coaching Errors Before they Ever Start

As I travel across the country and work with my clients, the biggest issue I see in high school football programs are assistant coaches.

Often, they are either apathetic, overly philosophical, or just plain wrong.

Much of the time, the players know more about fundamental football than many of the assistant coaches.

This is a problem.

Assistant coaches must be taught upward from the ground.  So many times, they know NOTHING, and what they do know does not correspond to what you’re teaching in the Flexbone Triple Option. 

Before coaches revert back to previously learned or incorrect behavior, cover this with them. 

— Dr. Cella

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I’ll be at high schools all throughout the country installing the Triple Option Offense this summer.  This includes 8-man and 11-man programs.  If you are interested, go here to learn more.