Run Double Flex, Zone-G to Protect the B-Gap

Zone Option is run when the offense does not get four yards on the give.  When the defense forces a give read, they do not have to play the Quarterback and the pitch.

On the very next play, by running Zone Option, the defense is forced to play the Quarterback and the pitch.

With the Zone Option, the player responsible for the Quarterback (#1) is double teamed by the Playside Guard and Tackle.

However, versus a 3-technique, this double team could possibly be a challenge.  This is especially true if the 3-technique spikes inside of the Guard.

If this is the case, get into Double Flex and run Zone-G.

Here, the Playside Receiver crushes #1 while the Playside A traps #3.

The Playside Tackle blocks down and if there is no down defender over the Guard, veers and blocks the Mike.

The Playside Guard pulls and logs the first threat off the Playside Receiver’s block.

The Center and the Backside Guard/Tackle slide to the playside.

The B-Back runs his zone path, which is outside leg of the tackle and automatically blocks the Playside Safety.

Finally, the Quarterback and B-Back are 2-on-1 versus #2.

Utilize Zone-G the next play when you give the ball on Triple and don’t get four yards.  The B-gap defender can be cancelled with the Down-Down-G scheme connected with the Zone Option.