In 2016, #5 Houston was at Full Attention for Navy’s Triple Option, and it Didn’t Matter

In 2016, Navy defeated #5 Houston 46-40.  Here is the USA Today article about the game.

The following are four quotes from University of Houston (now Texas) Head Football Coach Tom Herman about Navy’s Triple Option Offense:

  1. “You spend so much time playing that offense and retooling the defense that it is hard to get back to your normalcy the next week,” Herman said.
  2. “It will be a test,” Herman said. “Basically, it completely changes assignments, alignments and techniques. Everything changes for a week, and then you have to go back and play a normal defense.”
  3. “There’s less time, but the good thing is there is carry-over from last year,” Herman said. “What they do is not going to change from year to year. We’ve got to vary our looks a little bit because we did have quite a bit of success last year slowing down their running game. I’m sure they will have some wrinkles to combat that.”
  4. “I wouldn’t expect the numbers our defense has been putting up against the run against these guys, just because of the sheer volume of the time they are going to run,” Herman said.

You can read the full article right here.