Running Zone Option in 8-Man Triple Option Football

When running the Triple Option Offense in 8-man football, if the offense doesn’t get four yards on a give to the B-Back, run Zone Option.  If the defense won’t allow the Quarterback to pull the ball, the offense manufactures the pull.  

Here is the Zone Option in action:

On Zone Option the Playside End and Guard double team #1 (read key on Triple Option).  

The Center and Backside slide to the playside to cancel the adjacent gaps.

The B-Back blocks #3 and if #3 is in the middle of the field, the B-Back loads (Mike to Free Safety).

Finally, the Quarterback and Backside A-Back are 2-on-1 versus #2 (pitch key).

In conclusion, Run Zone Option when you don’t get four yards on a give read.

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