9-Man Triple Option Football: Running the Zone Option

In Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, nine-man football is played at nearly 200 high schools.

The Triple Option game is the same except that there aren’t any Wide Receivers; however, this means that there aren’t any Defensive Deep Defenders either.

Everything else remains the same, except the Tackles are called ENDS and they are eligible to catch a pass.

On Triple Option, when you don’t get four yards on a give to the B-Back, run the Zone Option.  This is what Navy has done for years.

Here’s how to execute the Zone Option in 9-man football:

The End and Guard double #1 (first defender from the Playside End out); The Center and Backside slide to the playside; B-Back loads off-End and blocks the Mike to the Free Safety; Finally, the Quarterback and B-Back are 2-on-1 versus #2 (1st defender on or past #1)

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