8-Man Triple Option Football: B-Back Toss versus 3-4-1

When you can’t get four yards on the give to the B-Back, Toss the ball outside with B-Back Toss.

The B-Back Toss is extremely effective in 8-man football because of the numbers and angles advantage to the A-Back side.

Here, the Playside A-Back and Guard have the two alley defenders. 

The Playside End veers outside and blocks the Mike to the Free Safety.  He does not have to block #1 (4-technique) because the ball is pitched 1.5 yards outside the End and the Playside End’s outside releases along with the Toss cancel #1.

The Center and Backside slide to the Playside End.

After getting the snap from Center, the Quarterback takes a six-inch punch step with his playside foot.  His second and third step are flat as he tosses the ball 1.5 yards outside the End.  The B-Back opens flat and sprints to catch the ball, break on a 45-degree angle to the sideline, and then vertical to the end zone.

Here is the B-Back Toss versus the 3-4-1:

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