8-Man Triple Option Football: Running Zone Option versus the Bear Defense

When you don’t get four yards on a give to the B-Back because the defense is forcing you to hand off the football, double#1 (read key) and run Zone Option.

On Zone Option, the Playside End and Guard double #1–these two players are responsible for playing the Quarterback.  This puts #2 in a bind because he is supposed to be playing the pitch.  Now, either he takes the Quarterback and leaves no one for the pitch, or vice versa.

The Center and Backside slide to the playside as the Center must slide to the hip of the Guard.  This is to cancel the B-gap.

The B-Back loads off the double team and blocks the Mike to the Free Safety.  Since there is no Free Safety, the B blocks the Mike.

The Quarterback takes the snap, runs off-tackle, and scores.  If #2 can tackle the Quarterback, the Quarterback sets his feet, and flicks the ball across his chest to the Backside A.  The Backside A leaves just before the snap, turns up on the fifth step and catches the parallel pitch if/when the ball is pitched to him.

Here is Zone Option versus the Bear:

If you are interested in learning how to run the Triple Option Offense in 8-man football, contact Dr. Lou Cella, Sports Psychologist at 570.332.0265.