2017 Army West Point Triple Option Breakdown vs. Fordham

Army: 513 yards, no completions in opening win

Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for two touchdowns and gained 128 of his 177 yards in the first half as Army crushed Fordham 64-6 in the opener for both teams Friday night (9/1/17).

Army Offense Total Plays- 49
Zone Belly- 12 (24% of offense)
Belly Option- 7 (14% of offense)
Triple Option- 6 (12% of offense)
Midline Lead- 4 (8% of offense)
Rocket- 4 (8% of offense)
Zone Option- 4 (8% of offense)
Other Plays Run
Trap- 3; Zone Dive- 3; Sneak- 2; Belly Pass- 2; Counter Option- 1; Down- 1
Quick Facts
  • 3/4 of Army’s Offense was Zone Belly, Belly Option, Triple Option, Midline Lead, Rocket, Zone Option, and Heavy Down (Belly-G).
  • 40% of Army’s Offense was a Belly Variation (Zone Belly, Belly Option, Down).
  • Army did not complete one pass the entire game, and Army average 11 yards/run on 47 attempts.