Anytime Anyone Doubts the Merits of the Triple Option–Show Them This

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

Nick Saban’s three-minute rant about Georgia Southern’s Triple Option Offense–Video. 

Head Coach Nick Saban Statement
“In my opinion that was a good win for us. That’s a good little team we played out there today. When I say little team, I don’t mean literally. Those guys played hard and played with a lot of toughness. They really did a good job of running their offense. It’s a tough offense to get prepared for. It’s totally different than what we do all the time. We obviously didn’t execute the way we wanted to on defense all the time. We did a better job in the second half. That was really important.

I think it was really important that our offense did a fantastic job of controlling the ball. They were always able to answer the bell and do a really a good job of not allowing them to have the ball…

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