Triple Option Football Playbook: Constraining the Playside Linebacker with Triple Pass A-Drag

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

There IS another constraint for the Playside Linebacker when he makes the tackle on Triple/Midline.

Zone Option is the best constraint currently utilized by Navy, Georgia Tech, and Georgia Southern; however, the Triple Pass A-Drag accomplishes the same task.

Triple Pass A-Drag constrains the Playside Linebacker by throwing to the area the Playside Linebacker voids in coverage.

triple pass a drag v split

Triple Pass A-Drag

PR- Vert to Skinny

PA- 10-yard drag

OL- Slide Away

BA- Pitch, Kick #2

BR- 17-yard drag

Q- Triple Pass Steps

B- Veer Path and Block 1st threat off PT



The Big Idea in 171 Words

Here’s the problem.  If you can’t block defensive linemen, you’ll never move the ball, you’ll never score points, and you’ll never win a game.

You need to understand why this disconnect occurs to overcome it and win.


“I know many coaches would rather install an offense the traditional way by researching…

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