Running Heavy Left, Rocket Pass Left B-Wheel to Beat Man Coverage

Triple Option Football Academy

Navy and Georgia Tech made great utilization out of the Heavy Formation last weekend (9/3/16).  

In Navy’s case, they knew when they aligned in the Heavy Formation, they were getting man coverage.  In order to beat man coverage, they faked the Rocket to the Heavy side and sent the B-Back on a wheel to the opposite side.  Usually on Rocket Pass, the B-Back either blocks or runs a flat route; however, Navy tagged the route because they knew the defender assigned to cover him………… probably wouldn’t be covering him.

Here’s exactly what Navy did on this play versus Fordham.

The Playside Receiver runs an eight-yard stop route and the Playside A runs a seam route.  The Offensive Line slides away from the playside B-gap.

Now, the Backside Tackle, who is actually the Backside Receiver aligned in a three-point stance (and is eligible) runs a vertical.  The B-Back runs a…

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