Three Ways to Implement Quality into your Triple Option Offensive Program

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

You have decided that you would like to implement a quality program within your Triple Option Football Program. This article is intended to give you a top-level implementation plan for quality within your Triple Option Football Program.

1. Ensure Assistant Coach Buy-in
Quality is led from the top down and implemented from the bottom up. Your coaching staff and players will not receive maximum benefits unless everyone is empowered and given the knowledge and skills necessary to take action and improve their responsible work areas. Leadership from the top of the Triple Option Offense is necessary to define, prioritize and construct the quality culture.

If your assistant coaches are not already committed to quality, your first step is to educate, develop the understanding, and generate active support. This is no easy task. It entails you having a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of quality and using your persuasion skills.


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