Eight Pillars of the Triple Option Offensive Program

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

As the leader of the Triple Option-based football program, your job is to do the following:

1- Limit tasks to the important.

The average high school offense runs 48 plays/game.  Research has indicated that a play must be run at least four times/game for the play to be effective (NFL Run Study).  Run the Triple Option and possess basic answers to when you can’t get four yards on the Triple.

2- Shorten work time.

Since the average high school offense only runs 48 plays/game and the average offense is on the field for under 20 minutes/game, how much time do you need to be on the field?  Give your players 48 reps in Individual time, 48 reps in Team time, and send them home.

3- Coach for behavioral change.

Constantly provide players with feedback on how they can better technique their assignment.  Evaluate their footwork, angles, and ball security.  Make the…

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