Win the Time of Possession Battle with the Triple Option Offense

In 2017, four of the top eight FBS programs that lead college football in time of possession were Triple Option football programs.

Time of Possession

1 Navy 12 430 35
2 Michigan St. 12 422 35
3 Wisconsin 13 457 35
4 Ga. Southern 12 408 34
5 Army West Point 12 405 33
6 Mississippi St. 12 404 33
7 Georgia Tech 11 368 33
8 Air Force 12 401 33

Navy lead the FBS by possessing the football 35 minutes/game.

Army, Georgia Tech, and Air Force all averaged the football for 33 minutes/game.

The Triple Option Offense is the way to go if you want to control the game.

Hancock County (KY)

In 2016, Hancock County won three (3) games.

In 2017, after becoming a Triple Option Football Academy client and working with Dr. Cella, Hancock County won seven (7) games, had their first winning season in 5 years, and made it to the second round of the 2017 Kentucky Class 2A State Playoffs.

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“The Triple Option Football Academy was instrumental in our program’s success this year.  It gave us the tools to become better coaches and provided us with the answers to make in game adjustments that gave our kids a chance to be successful.  This led to our players becoming more confident in themselves and our coaching staff.  Practices and Game planning became streamlined and everything we did had a purpose.  We are true believers in this offense and the knowledge we have gained through the Triple Option Football Academy has laid the foundation for continued success in the future.”

— Bobby Eubanks, Head Football Coach