What Army Does Versus Hard B-Gap Pressure

Often times when Army wants to run the Zone Option, the 3-technique can create penetration.

When this happens, they get into the Heavy Formation.

Heavy formation
















Then, they run the Down (also known as Belly-G).















This is a gap-scheme concept to control the penetration of the 3-technique when they run off-tackle especially when they don’t get four yards on the give to the B-Back on Triple Option.

Both Tackles block down if there is a threat in their gap.  If not, they would veer inside and block the first linebacker that shows.  The Playside Guard traps the first threat off the Heavy Tackle.  

The B-Back runs through the inside leg of the Heavy Tackle and gets vertical.

This controls the 3-technique when the offense can’t get four yards on the give phase of the Triple Option.