Running Zone Option out of Heavy

The Heavy Formation brings the Backside Tackle over to the formation side, and puts the Backside Receiver where the Backside Tackle was.

Zone Option is utilized when the defense forces a give to the B-Back on Triple.

When this happens, the offense makes the defense defend the Quarterback and the Backside A-Back.

The Heavy Tackle blocks down while the Offensive Line and the perimeter does exactly what they do on Triple Option. The B-Back becomes the extra blocker because of the numbers advantage while the Quarterback takes the snap, opens at 90 degrees, turns off the Receiver’s block and scores unless #2 can tackle him–if so, he sets his feet and parallel flicks the ball to the Backside A-Back.






















Utilize Heavy Zone Option when the defense forces the B-Back give on Triple.  Make the defense play the Quarterback when they don’t want to do so.