Triple Option Football Leadership is Communicating Education through Physical Action

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

How Triple Option Football Players become leaders is a process.

1- Triple Option players must study the relationship between technique, assignments, and worst-case scenarios from opponents in all contexts.  

2- Triple Option players must be trained in cognitive science, the learning sciences, games studies, and design-based methodologies to technique their assignments.  This is situational football at its finest.

3- Triple Option players are encouraged to combine the information they receive with design and practice in appropriate learning contexts. This means that players are practicing their craft in the off-season.

The best Triple Option Leaders take information from their coaches, communicate what they learned through physical action, and can be witnessed on video via gameday performance.

Triple Option Football Academy — Online Education for Coaches

2014 Triple Option Football Academy Camps with Dr. Cella

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