Creating a Culture of Mental Toughness with Your Triple Option Offensive Line through Full Spectrum Functional Fitness

Triple Option Football Academy -- The Flexbone Offense from Army & Navy

There are five ways to do this according to the Navy SEALS at Kokoro Camp in Encinitas, California:

1- Strength. The functional aspect of strength development through the finish off the veer release, combat in Slide Pass Protection, and movement on a double team.

2- Stamina. Each day challenged players to continue at a high rate, race after race and rep after rep over a 90-minute period.

3- Work capacity. Work capacity never diminishes. Players must possess the same intensity and number of exercises the last minute of the camp as they did the first minute.

4- Endurance. Evolve through the drills that have already been installed.

5- Durability. Mind-body durability.  Players take the information from coaches and model this through physical action–and continue to improve modeling the information.

Triple Option Football Academy     

2014 Triple Option Football Academy Camps with Dr. Cella

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