2018 Georgia Tech Triple Option Offensive Breakdown versus Alcorn State

Game played on September 1, 2018.
Georgia Tech wins 41-0 over Alcorn State.
Georgia Tech Triple Option Offensive Breakdown
72 total plays run.
Triple Option- run 19 times.
Dropback Pass- run 13 times.
Zone Dive- run 10 times.
Follow- run 6 times.
Quarterback Draw (Eagle)- run 4 times.
Down (Belly-G)- run 4 times.
Sprintout Pass- run 4 times.
Other concepts executed:
Counter Option- 3
Rocket- 2
Trap- 1
Counter Speed- 1
Belly Option- 1
Down Option- 1
Triple Pass- 1
Trap Option- 1
B-Screen- 1
Triple Option was run 26% of the time.
3 out of every 5 plays (60% of offense) was the following: Triple Option, Zone Dive, Follow, Down, and Quarterback Draw (Eagle)