You’ll Win More Games this Year if Do This…

Triple Option Football Academy

Well coaches, it’s pretty simple. If you get movement on the action key, which is the first defensive lineman inside of the read, you have a 90+ percent chance of winning the football game.

This is because once you move the action key one step beyond his God-given will, you clear the path for the B-back, and you get 4+ yards per carry. Then, the defense is either going to let you obliterate them and hope you make a mistake, or they are going to take the unblocked defenders (read and pitch key) and cancel the B-back.

Once this happens, the defense is now reacting to you and you’ve won the football game.

I don’t know if I’ve ever had a client say that they lost the game if they were able to move the action key one step back beyond the action key’s God-given will. The only exception is…

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