Georgia Tech’s Top Five Runs Through the Halfway Point of 2018

Currently, Georgia Tech leads the FBS in rushing.  In six games, they have run the ball 337 times for 2238 yards.  This is a 6.64 yards/carry average.  Tech has 29 rushing touchdowns and averages 373 yards/game on the ground. 

Here is Georgia Tech’s top five concepts through the last six games:

1- Triple Option- run 82 times and is 20% of Tech’s offense.

2- Zone/Speed Option- run 56 times and is 14% of Tech’s offense.

3- Follow- run 44 times and is 11% of Tech’s offense.

4- Counter Option- run 29 times and is 7% of Tech’s offense.

5- Zone Dive- run 27 times and is 7% of Tech’s offense.