75% of Army’s Historic 2018 Offense is the Following

Army is ranked #22 in the country right now as they head into the Navy game.  They have run 808 plays this season and 75% of Army’s Offense is the following:

  1. Zone/Speed Option- Run 173 times and this is 21% of their offense.
  2. Zone Dive- Run 149 times and this is 18% of their offense.
  3. Zone Belly- Run 99 times and this is 12% of their offense.
  4. Triple Option- Run 67 times and this is 8% of their offense.
  5. Trap- Run 41 times and this is 5% of their offense.
  6. Midline Double Option variations- Run 35 times and this is 4% of their offense.
  7. Rocket- Run 31 times and this is 4% of their offense.
  8. Triple Pass- Run 24 times and this is 3% of their offense.

Army averages Zone/Speed Option, Zone Dive, Zone Belly, and Triple Option 43 times/game.  Consider the fact that the average high school football game consists of 48 plays.