Six Ways to Develop Competitive Players for the Flexbone Triple Option Offense

In order to get players to block, perfectly secure the ball, read #1, and pitch #2 with all-out effort, six things must occur:

1- Focus on the elite technical details of the block, the ball security technique, the read, and/or the pitch.

2- Coach to get as many full-speed repetitions of Triple Option as possible.  Make this a healthy obsession during practice.

3- Think about the technical process and not the scoreboard.

4- Give simplistic instructions, let the players technique those specific instructions, and give them feedback on whether or not they followed the specific instructions you just gave.

5- Be emotional AFTER practice and games.  There’s no time for emotion during practices and games.

6- Use mistakes for motivational purposes.  Challenge players to get better at something specifically technical.

The Triple Option is about a process-based approach to football.  Triple Option Coaches are technically disciplined individuals… there is simply no other way.