Coaching Situational Flexbone Triple Option Football

Five Key Characteristics for Coaching Triple Option Situational Football

There are key characteristics that should be included in a Triple Option system to serve many purposes for many players, and the following are key characteristics for a Triple Option System that encourages situational football:

1- The Triple Option system must be built on the current information that is already out there as much as possible—no need to scrap what is already out there.

2- The Triple Option system must be active and all game-utilized concepts must be practiced daily.

3- Status information with unique identifiers (down and distance, hash, time on clock) as well as location (yard line) must be tracked by ALL 11 PLAYERS.

4- Tracking should occur at touch points—after each play.

5- The system must be accessible to all players and coaches, with access tightly controlled.

These five characteristics allow players to play the specific situation and not just run abstract plays.