Five Reasons Why “That Guy” Could NEVER be a Flexbone Triple Option Coach

The Triple Option is not for everyone… certain coaches cannot handle the discipline.  

Coaches have to follow a system and eliminate their abstract creativity.

However, by eliminating abstract creativity this usually means more winning–this is because players know where to go, they get to their spot fast, and they perfectly secure the ball.

The following are five reasons why certain coaches could not handle the Triple Option as their offense:

1- They want to be a jack of all trades.

They are more interested in being MULTIPLE than GOOD.

2- They try too hard to motivate players.

They want to be VINCE LOMBARDI but they have the personality of Ben Stein.

3- They put their motives first.

They are more interested in proving their personal football philosophy than winning.

4- They think high school football is their own personalized video game.

After 25 years of playing Madden, they view the real-life game as a video game where everybody is on the same page.

5- They cannot live the Triple Option lifestyle.

The structure and focus on education and technical prowess is too much for them.  They want to be ARTISTS instead of winners…

Triple Option  Football Coaches are the man’s man of football clubs.  It’s not for everyone….