What Successful Flexbone Triple Option Coaches Do Differently

Six Things Successful Triple Option Leaders Do Differently

1- They put relationships first. 

There is an inherent focus on building relationship with the coaching staff and the Quarterback.

2- They know that meaning matters. 

These coaches understand that the offense is more than a play… these coaches understand that the offense allows for 10 other people to live a better life because the Quarterback serves them by cancelling two people based on his perception.

3- They lead and live with their strengths. 

These coaches understand that the assistant coaches, the Quarterback, perfect ball security, and very system-specific detailed blocking is what truly matters for long-term Triple Option Offensive success.

4- They manage pessimistic thinking.

They focus their time and energy on where they have control, they “embrace the suck” and understand that while the ride might be bumpy at times, it won’t last forever.

5- They make their own luck.

Researchers studied an incoming class of cadets at West Point in order to better understand why certain cadets dropped out and others continued along the path of military mastery. What they found is that the group who stayed was not more athletic, well-rounded or smarter—they were grittier; in fact, grit was a better predictor of success for these cadets than IQ or standardized test scores (Duckworth, Peterson, Matthews, & Kelly, 2007). Successful leaders pursue goals with passion, don’t back down from challenges, don’t allow a failure to define who they are as a person, and simply put, don’t quit.

6- They manage their energy. 

Triple Option Leaders don’t watch much film of their opponent, because it doesn’t matter.  Great Triple Option Leaders watch film of THEIR TEAM and correct the internal conflicts that are occurring within THEIR OFFENSE.