How to be a Flexbone Triple Option Quarterback in Six Steps

Quarterbacking in the Triple Option is an obedient procedure… and it’s not for everyone.

The Quarterback must take specific actions to be the guy; however, the guy behind him must push him to eventually become the starter.

The following are the six steps to earn a starting position as a Triple Option Quarterback.

Step 1. Step back and examine what you’ve actually communicated. 

What is the overall impression that your coaches and teammates will draw from your tone, technique, use of language and the way you build your case for consideration, point by point?

Step 2. Convey information. 

Do your actions actually articulate the value you bring with you for your football program?   Have you conveyed the results of your efforts in terms of added productivity, saved mental/physical expense, or time or other innovations?

Step 3. Be authentic.

Do you project yourself as the student-athlete that you are, or do you come off as just trying to game the whole process to get a job?

Step 4. Project optimism. 

People don’t like to be around downers. Have you conveyed your vision and path forward that will lead toward positive results?

Step 5. Let your audience make the judgment. 

Remember that it is your job at every stage to earn trust and confidence in what you say, and not to assume that you have it.  When you work your technique in a logical sequence, you enable the coaches to see your successes and form the inevitable conclusion that you are the answer to their needs.

Step 6. Listening.

Do you drone on and on, continually presenting your own personal history and message that you want to get out there and monopolize the conversation? Taking the time to actively listen to those around you is an essential element of communication. By listening you implicitly acknowledge that the starting process is about the football program, not you. Thereby, you enable yourself to address their needs and concerns forthrightly and demonstrate your fit.