Three Ways to Create an Elite Flexbone Triple Option Program

Years ago, Dr. Cella wrote about the 2012 study that studied 15 coaches and what made these coaches elite.

Three consistencies emerged from this study.

They are the following:

1. Perception-action coupling.  Elite coaches are good at providing players with a sensual process of doing something with someone else (ex. players get good at combination blocks, double option, two-man line game… anything where a player needs another player to do his job).

How Triple Option Football Coaches can practice this: Get great at perimeter blocking with Playside Receiver and A-Back, Ace blocking, Quarterback’s accuracy on the Triple, Playside Tackle and Guard Veering Inside to block the Mike and Safety on Zoom (Midline Triple), Quarterback’s accuracy on Zoom and Lead.  The proof is, elite coaches get their players great at perception-action coupling… when two players worth together to take care of an assignment.

2.Eliminate interacting constraints on performance. Elite coaches positively affect other people on gameday and allow players to prepare in the manner that the player sees fit.

How Triple Option Football Coaches can practice this: Have a pre-game that doesn’t wear out players.  Players need full-speed reps before the game; however, they don’t need 37 of them!

3. An approach to practice which was consistent with insights from nonlinear pedagogy. Elite coaches practice situational football and provide players with constant abstract variables in practice.

How Triple Option Football Coaches can practice this: By practicing situational football especially, down and distance situations, time-constraint situations, hash-mark situations, Red Zone situations, Goal-line situations, situations at own one-yard line, and two-minute situations.

This is how you become an elite Triple Option coach.

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