Six Mandates of a Flexbone Triple Option Quarterback

Six Mandates of a Triple Option Quarterback 

by Dr. Lou Cella

1.When it comes to football–Ignore the noise.

People are going to hate the Triple Option because they do not see this offense on Sundays.  Get over this fact.  Fans only like what they are able to understand.  If you listen to them, you’ll be sitting with them in the bleachers soon enough. 

2. Behavior is the following: a. Serious; b. uni-polar; c. obscure.

Celebrities can’t run an offense.  Eliminate the panic button because you can score on your next play.  Only uni-polar people apply to play Quarterback.  You must be the same man every day.

3. Read #1 and Pitch #2 with your legs.

Squat and move to the right spot. 

4. Know the Triple Option cold as the goal is accuracy on every play.

If you accurately react to the blood stunt and the easy stunt, you are on your way.  You make every, single play when you put the ball in the right person’s hands and when you administer the game.

5. Know your B-Back, A-Backs, Receivers, Center, Guards, Tackles, and what they are attempting to do on the Triple Option.

This is because when one of them fails, we all fail.

6. You are evaluated by scoring NOT yardage.

  The team with the most points always wins.