Paul Johnson on Running Triple Option out of the Trips Formation

Georgia Tech Head Football Coach Paul Johnson on Running Triple versus a Three-Man Surface

From the Nike Clinic

▪ When facing a three-man surface (Triple Stack), take the A-Back and put him out in Trips.

▪ Somebody from the defense has to go with the Playside A-Back.

▪ Put the Playside A-Back out on the hash.

▪ #3 has to go with him.  If #3 does go with him, now #3 is out of the box.

▪ Then, the other A-Back will come in motion and run Triple at him.

▪ You can make the 3-man surface move.

▪ If they don’t cover down, raise up and throw to the Trips A-Back

▪ This eliminates the defense’s three-man surface to run games.

This diagrams shows you how to run Trips Triple versus the Three-Man Surface just as Paul Johnson discussed:

▪ Trips Triple versus Three-Man Surface

▪ PR- Deep Defender

▪ MA- #3

▪ PA- Twirl, Pitch

▪ PT- Veer

▪ PG- Base to Ace

▪ C- Veer to Ace

▪ BG/BT- Scoop

▪ BR- Cutoff

▪ Q- Veer 1, Pitch 2

▪ B- Veer Path

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