How to be the Difference Maker by Setting the Standard and Creating an Amazing Journey for Your Flexbone Triple Option Football Family

Make the difference by accepting the fact that you are going to run a set number of plays (Triple Option, Zone Option, Toss).

Set the standard by getting great at the Triple Option, Zone Option, and Toss.

Create an amazing journey by running live plays in practice and working on creating an urgent, accurate practice environment every, single time.

Possess a football family because just like Navy, you’ve created a BROTHERHOOD of men who will still be a team 50 years from now.

“We never claimed to be the most talented team, but you don’t have to have the best players to win — you have to have the best team to win and this is a great team.” –Jeff Monken, Army Head Football Coach (after beating Houston 70-14 in the 2018 Armed Forces Bowl).

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