It’s Unbelievably Powerful to Be Different–But When You Are–You’re Part of the Solution

The Flexbone Triple Option Offense is a distinctive Offense.

This is because 1.5% of all FBS schools run this unique offense.  In 2019, the 1.5% is Army and Navy.

However, it’s unbelievably powerful to be different.  Because when you ARE different, great things happen.

Army = #19 final ranking in FBS (2018)

Navy = Bowl appearances in 14 out of the last 16 seasons.

Neither of the schools offer athletic scholarships. 

In fact, Army’s leading rusher last year, Darnell Woolfolk was going to go to Division-3 Ithaca, until Army West Point came calling.

When you install the Flexbone Triple Option Offense, you install a team-first approach… and in today’s “afraid to be different” coaching climate, this makes you a BIG part of the solution.

So install the Flexbone Triple Option Offense.  As Army Head Football Coach Jeff Monken says, 

“you don’t have to have the best players to win — you have to have the best team to win.”

Have your Flexbone Triple Option Offense ready to go for 2019.  Dr. Cella has worked with HUNDREDS of high school football coaches, and he relentlessly makes certain that all his clients install the offense the right way the first time.  Connect with him at 570.332.0265.